The company was founded in the 1960s by the members’ family and the new production activity was expanded and modified in the early 1990s

Pressofusione Moretti is a company specialized in the most diverse sectors, from lighting technique to handles, able to carry out precision mechanical castings whose total mass ranges from 5 (five) to 2500 (two thousand five hundred) grams, due to the use of hot chamber and cold chamber oleodynamic presses from 60 (sixty) to 250 (two hundred and fifty thousand) tonnes, each of which is fitted out with its relative robotized working island.


Zama is an alloy that has zinc as its basic element and aluminum and copper are generally  alloying elements. 


first version was perfected in the USA in 1920 by the N.J.Z. (New Jersey Zinc) Company. In the 1970s a very similar composition was obtained due to the use of hyperpure zinc HG 99,995%.


this reason,  given the short time from this date, we are confident that its use can be extended even in areas that are still overlooked.

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